About WeatherSTEM

Empowering teachers to create STEM lessons, activities, and assessments from real-world weather

More than ever in our history, schools across the United States face the challenge of better preparing students to enter careers where competency in STEM-related subject areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is a requirement.

We believe weather provides an excellent foundation for STEM education. It also provides myriad opportunities for exposing students to topics from a plethora of disciplines in the scope of a single activity. Any weather situation, from the most benign scenario where a few cumulus humilus clouds dot the sky to the most intense Category 5 hurricane, can turn into a discussion covering everything from algebra to zoology.

Meteorologist and Education Software Developer Edward Mansouri built WeatherSTEM

WeatherSTEM is a platform built by CEO Edward Mansouri who has a Bachelors degree (Penn State) and Masters degree (Florida State) in Meteorology. Fascinated by weather since childhood, Mansouri created the WeatherSTEM platform to infuse K-12 STEM curriculum with live data collected by weather instruments, cloud cameras, agricultural probes, and other sensors.

Experience The Data

The WeatherSTEM platform consumes live information to create and deliver interactive activities and assessments. The platform combines data from weather instruments, agricultural probes, Web cameras and other sensors to create immersive science education experiences and an introduction to "Big Data" and computer programming.

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